Must Attend Mobile App Events in 2016


Although the world is becoming increasingly virtual and many businesses are conducted from small rooms with just a couple of founder-employees, it is always a good idea to go out and meet some people who are in the same position as you are and exchange thoughts and, why not, connections. The best way to become […]

Creating a rapid and effective mobile app strategy: Report


Enterprise Mobility Exchange has recently published a while paper about choosing an effective mobile strategy. Here is a short summery of the paper! Enterprises are under intense pressure to remain competitive by embracing mobility, but not all business leaders have sufficient knowledge and experience on what directions to taken to successfully do so. The idea […]

Mobile app marketing essentials. How to get it right?


When talking about mobile apps, everyone mentions the importance of a user-friendly interface, clean code and unique features. While there are millions of apps in the stores that might offer the best user interface, features and is also quite useful, only several of them will come to your mind right now. At the same time, […]

Mobile App Trends: Internet of Things – The Next Focus Area For App Developers


The mobile and tablet app development market is already too competitive. It’s time to migrate to the IoT. Internet of Things is growing exponentially with constantly increasing number of people connecting via multiple devices.  Apps will further mature as they get integrated on multiple connected devices. Internet of Things is not one product category, market […]

Mobile App Trends: Social Apps Are Still Alive


Although everyone was assuming social apps are dead after Facebook acquired Whatsapp and Instagram, new ideas for more targeted and specialized social apps appear every day. There are over 4,500 social networking apps in App Store and Google Play. The majority of visitors to social networks are female aged from 18 to 34, followed by […]

Mobile App Trends: Enterprise Apps Are Becoming Popular


App Store and Google Play are already packed with millions of customer apps. The market is getting harder and harder to enter. At the same time, 43% of enterprise app developers make more than $10K per month while only 19% of consumer app developers reach the same level of revenue. Enterprise apps are already big. […]

Mobile App Trends 2015: Mobile e-Commerce on Rise


Though all the media attention focused on the app stores and the revenue generated from them, they are far from the biggest opportunity in the app economy. Mobile commerce is booming. According to the data from Shopify annual report, one third of ecommerce sales happened on mobile devices in 2014. This is up from 23% the year […]

Mobile App Trends: Android vs iOS (Google Play vs App Store)


According to the research conducted by Vision Mobile, in 4th quarter of 2014, the battle between 2 giants has ended in a settlement. Currently, Apple has an increasing lock in the high-end market, while Android dominates everywhere else. Android has 40% of app developers, while iOS has 37%. Around 283 million Android units were shipped […]

Major Mobile App Development Trends 2015

Welcome to our blog. Our first series of blog posts will be dedicated to the analysis of the top trends in the mobile app industry. The fast penetration of mobile devices is not a secret. We have come a long way from playing Snake on our Nokias. Mobile devices have become an essential part of […]