Mobile App Marketing Essentials. Lesson 3: Submitting your app to app review websites


In my previous post I talked about the App Store Optimization (ASO). Now that you have your app ready, the App Store page optimized, it is time to also let the world know about your app.

The main distribution channels for an app are usually the same: your website, social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and anything else you use) and the earned media ( other websites and blogs writing about you).

Today I will write about the promotion of your app on the earned media.

There a number of blogs and websites out there that are hunting for a good content and interesting apps to write reviews about. Your job as an app marketer should be to find them and convince them your app is worth writing about. To start with, search for the industry journalists who will be interested in covering the story. Twitter can be a good means for that. It is important to understand, that these people probably receive dozens of requests every day, so you should put some effort to make yours stand out. It is better to establish a connection with the journalists and only after that ask for a review. An easy way to connect with people is to participate in the discussions they are part of. However, if you do not have that time, cold emailing is another thing you can do. Make the email personal and make them interested in what you do. Click the link for more tips on writing a cold email.

There are also a number of review websites for apps, like 148apps. Drop me a line and I will share with you the list of 100 review websites with contact details I have collected for our apps.

When writing to the review websites, keep in mind they are also busy people and receive too many requests a day to be able to cover all of them, so keep it short and on point. Here are a couple of things to consider when writing an email to app review websites:

  1. No one will continue reading a generic email that is copied and pasted over and over again, so be personal. At least find out the name of the person you are writing to.
  2. Use the subject line to present your app. Too many app developers write “Please review my app” as a subject of an email. Imagine getting all these emails with the same subject line. Would you open them to read further? Well the app reviewers don’t. Your email subject line is like your one-liner, your short pitch. So, include your app name in the subject line, what it does and what is unique about that. I know you think it is impossible, but give it a second thought, is it really impossible?
  3. Refer the blog/website that you are writing to in your email. e.g. “In your last blog post you mentioned…”. This will definitely make your email personal and will also assure the reader that you have done some research and you know who you are writing to.
  4. Include information about your app, your audience, the unique selling point of your app in the body.
  5. Make a video demonstrating your app functionality. Do not worry if you don’t have time and money to make it professional. The only thing important here is that the reviewer can see the app in action without having to download it.
  6. Attach a press kit. Press kit will make it easier for a reviewer to compose a nice article about your app.
  7. Include your contact details. They should be able to contact you if they have any questions or maybe they want to interview you for a bigger aticle.

Attention! Never pay for a review. If you have money to spare, it is much better to do some facebook ads, they drive much more traffic.

I hope this will help you to spread the word about your app. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact me @ lusine.shakhoyan[at]inomma[dot]com

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