Mobile App Trends: Internet of Things – The Next Focus Area For App Developers


The mobile and tablet app development market is already too competitive. It’s time to migrate to the IoT. Internet of Things is growing exponentially with constantly increasing number of people connecting via multiple devices.  Apps will further mature as they get integrated on multiple connected devices.

Internet of Things is not one product category, market or technology, instead it includes many. There are multiple distinct markets where connected devices will be adopted at different rates. Some of the key ones are Smart Homes, Wearables, Retail, Connected Cars, Smart Cities, Medical devices and the Industrial Internet of Things. By the end of 2015, there will be around 4.9 billion connected things (up 30% from 2014), according to the Gartner’s research. The number is predicted to increase till 20 billion in 2020.  For now, most of these markets are immature, with only a couple of products developed by start-ups and funded on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.


Smart homes and wearables are currently the most popular IoT markets according to the number of developers spending time on them. However, out of 53% of developers who are developing apps for IoT market, majority currently sees IoT projects as a hobby or a side project (49%).

Despite it’s skyrocketing popularity, there are a number of concerns connected with the IoT.

The most important one is the privacy concern. Privacy has become a big issue after Target data breach, which resulted in 40 million stolen debit and credit cards. This was followed by a scandalous Snapchat explosion, where data and private photos of millions of users were stolen.

With the IoT, the privacy concerns become even bigger. With a number of devices constantly collecting data about your health, habits, home, car, driving routes, a data breach is becoming more and more dangerous.

However, this problem can be solved by strong encryption.

To sum up, IoT will become a big part of our lives and sooner or later you will need to start developing apps for things. Why not to start today?

Have an idea of an IoT project? Let’s make it real together!

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