Mobile App Trends: Social Apps Are Still Alive


Although everyone was assuming social apps are dead after Facebook acquired Whatsapp and Instagram, new ideas for more targeted and specialized social apps appear every day.

There are over 4,500 social networking apps in App Store and Google Play. The majority of visitors to social networks are female aged from 18 to 34, followed by women from 35 to 49.

Of course there are apps that we love and leave very fast, but there are those who come to stay.

Yo, Rooms, Secret are examples of social networking apps that got popular overnight, but also faded away very quickly. On the other hand, YikYak, Snapchat, Whisper are extremely successful nowadays and have an increasing user base.

One obvious trend is that mobile social networking apps are becoming more and more targeted. We have apps for cyclists, car lovers, cooks, app for gossips, for girls only, for finding a wingman and so on and so forth.

However, one issue with all this apps, in my opinion, is that these apps target essentially the same people, who will use their apps for different occasions. Statistics show that an average mobile app user does not use more than 4 apps a day. How probable it is that your social networking app will be one of those 4? How important is the need you satisfy on the Maslow’s need pyramid? The higher you go on the pyramid, the harder it will be to sell your app to people.

At the same time, people are becoming more and more privacy averse. We have started thinking twice before sharing any piece of information about us with another app.

To sum up, there are some targets whose needs are not satisfied yet and your app idea might be the next Whatsapp or Snapchat, but please think twice before you spend your time and money on creating something like Secret or Rooms, that will die a couple of months after the launch.

Got an idea for a social app? We can make it real!

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