Mobile App Trends: Enterprise Apps Are Becoming Popular


App Store and Google Play are already packed with millions of customer apps. The market is getting harder and harder to enter. At the same time, 43% of enterprise app developers make more than $10K per month while only 19% of consumer app developers reach the same level of revenue.

Enterprise apps are already big. 67% of CIOs and IT professionals believe mobility will impact their businesses as much as or more than the internet did in the 1990s. Mobile CRM apps have grown by 500% in 2014.

The global enterprise mobility market is expected to earn $140 billion a year by 2020. Nowadays, 24% of employees use a smartphone or tablet as their primary, work-related computing device.

60% of workers use apps for work-related activities and 25% of them are already using department specific apps.

Researches show that enterprise apps boots employees productivity by more than 34%, which is one of the key motivations for companies to make enterprise apps. 35% of large enterprises will leverage mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy mobile apps across their organizations in 2015.

The industry average duration of building and launching an enterprise app is 8 to 18 weeks. The average cost of designing and developing an enterprise app is around $100,000. However, this price can vary significantly depending on the country (e.g. similar quality apps will be much cheaper in Armenia, Ukraine, Russia or Romania).

According to IDC research, in 2017, more than 25% of a company’s software development budget will be allocated to app development, deployment and management.

Difficulties linking mobile platforms to existing databases will cause 45% of mobile enterprise app initiatives to be delayed or go over budget in 2015.

Another important issue when developing an enterprise app is the security. More and more frequently do hackers target the mobile apps, especially the enterprise apps. That is why the companies should pay a special attention to create truly secure apps.

In short, enterprise apps are going to be big. With the life going mobile, companies will need to adapt to the created situation or they will lose to the competition.

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