Mobile App Trends: Android vs iOS (Google Play vs App Store)


According to the research conducted by Vision Mobile, in 4th quarter of 2014, the battle between 2 giants has ended in a settlement. Currently, Apple has an increasing lock in the high-end market, while Android dominates everywhere else. Android has 40% of app developers, while iOS has 37%.

Around 283 million Android units were shipped in the third-quarter of 2014, which accounted for more than 84% of the market share. In January 2015 Play Store hosted 1.6 million apps, while the Apple Store had 1.4 million apps available across 155 countries. However, in the first week of January alone iOS fans spent $500m on apps and in-app purchases. In 2014, App Store generated 70% more revenue than Play Store, remaining the number one platform for lucrative apps.

number of app downloads and revenue

In North America and Europe, iOS commands a greater mindshare (58%) and by far the largest share of professional developers, with 42% prioritising the platform. Even without much of the high-end market segment, Android represents an enormous global market and retains 70% developer mindshare and the priority of 40% of full-time professional developers. Outside North America and Western Europe, almost half (48%) of full-time professionals are prioritising the Android platform and almost three quarters (74%) target it.

App Store most popular categories


Play store most popular categories

The most popular category in App Store is the “Games”, while in Google Play it is only the 3rd most popular category, following “Lifestyle” and “Education”.

According to 451 Research, the average Android user downloads 4.1 apps per month, with 3.4 average free apps downloaded. For iOS, 451 Research said that the average iOS user downloads 6.2 apps per month, with an average of 4.3 free apps every month.

The positions of the platforms are becoming entrenched. Apple cannot move down-market without cannibalising their high-end sales. Android handset makers are increasingly unable to compete effectively for the premium customers. Those are the customers that are most interesting to well-funded developers, as well as advertisers, retailers and various service providers.The result is that most developers who are primarily interested in revenue target iOS first and those who prioritise reach over revenue target Android first.

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